Whether summer seems long or short, returning to school is a big deal for students and their parents. As academics become more challenging each grade, our young people are back into their daily school routines as they tackle another school year. To help students complete their homework more efficiently and effectively, pick a different place than usual to study to foster new ideas with a fresh and focused mind.

The Library

The Nancy Guinn Memorial Library is an amazing place for students to come and study. Students and parents utilize the many tables, study rooms, and vast number of books and resources for students. Studying at the library can help students focus as they find motivation and concentration as they are surrounded by others who are working. Plus, there are events at the library for students including the Friends of the Library book sale, an Anime and Manga teen club, game days, and movie nights.


In recent years, some schools in Rockdale County are offering after hours for their students to stay and study in the library. Staying after school can be effective because the topics a student learned throughout the day is fresh in their mind. Schools keeping their libraries open after school is perfect for those students who are best concentrated in a quiet, work-driven environment.

Olde Town

Another place students can study is in Olde Town Conyers. Olde Town offers beautiful spaces with benches and grassy areas. Students can bring their books and a blanket and lay out on the lawn for an effective study group. There are also many restaurants in Olde Town for students to stop by and grab a bite to eat as they continue to study and complete their homework.

One example is Awake Coffee Shop, a warm and comfortable cafe and that could also be used as a study space.This coffee shop is a popular place for students to come, grab a cup of  coffee or tea, and study on the comfortable furniture inside and outside the cafe.

Creamberry’s Ice Cream Shop also has a room in the back that is available upon request, with a small purchase. Get a group together and have some ice cream for a fun boost before study time.
To help ease student’s and transition back into the school year, find a different place to study than you usually do. Studying in a new place will give students a fresh mind to focus as they battle another year of academics.