There is something about the charm of a historic town that draws you in.  As one of those towns, Olde Town Conyers not only draws you in but welcomes you while you are here.  The unique location and small business community have an unmistakable vibrance about them.  You may find yourself among the cast of your favorite Netflix series, immersed in creative activities, or filled with an amazing array of locally crafted foods.  Wherever you find yourself when you arrive you are sure to find yourself coming back again and again.  

Olde Town Restaurants

A Taste Around the World in one city block.


Not Just Something To Do - Something To Enjoy
A Thriving Small Business Community That Cares
Where Did Conyers Get Its Name?

Conyers was named after Dr. W.D. Conyers.  He was a banker instrumental in bringing the railroad through our town in the early 1840s.  

What Made People Visit Conyers?

It seems that Conyers has a history of taking care of our thirsts.  What is now Olde Town Conyers was once a watering hole stop along the Southern Railroad.  Today, you will find a lot more than water including ice cream, your favorite sweets, and a locally toll roasted coffee.

What is Conyers Fire and Ice?

History reports that Conyers was nearly burned to the ground more than once but spared each time.  Today, you may not find fires raging on the Olde Town streets but you can find a place to ice skate during the winter months. 

Learn More About Olde Town Restaurants

You can find more about the local cuisine in About Conyers Magazine.  Be sure to look for the Olde Town Conyers – Restaurants are Open special section.  No need to cook, you will find plenty of options here.

Who Can You Find In The Olde Town Business Community?

There are a variety of businesses and activities to choose from in Olde Town. Are you looking for a specific business service?  Perhaps you are hoping to find a new activity for family fun?  Let  About Conyers Magazine point you in the right direction.  Our feature section, “Olde Town Merchants Are Open,” offers a great overview of all the choices; you cannot go wrong here.