A good dog needs to be taught good habits that are developed from basic training. Here are a few simple tips:

Name Recognition

Work with your dog on listening skills by using his name consistently in a command and when you get his attention.


Try having your dog sit every time you get to a stop sign when walking him. At first, you might need to get him into position. Take your arm to hold your dog under his front legs. With your other arm, use your hand to slightly push your dog on his rear into the sitting position while saying, “Sit.”

Lying Calmly

Think of an activity you do that requires you to remain relatively still for at least 30 minutes. While doing this activity, put your dog on a short leash next to you. Try your best to ignore him as you continue you own activity. Repeat often until your dog gets used to sitting calmly by your feet without the leash.


First, train your dog in a safe environment where there are no distractions.The secret to teaching your dog to stay is to not move through the stages too fast. Build the cue up gradually, lengthening the time and distance of the stay.

Coming When Called

Training your dog to come when called is crucial for his safety. Work with him to stay and then once you get a certain distance, turn and stand still, then call encouragingly with the “come” command. Use a happy tone so your dog wants to be with you.

Reward as appropriate while you are training. It is always easier to start with good habits instead of correcting bad ones.

Consistency is critical for any successful training, but remember that every dog is different and certain breeds learn faster than others. Different training methods might work better with different breeds. Enlisting the help of a local trainer can assist you in getting the results you want.