T’is the Season for decorating, shopping, entertaining and of course eating our favorite seasonal foods! We get so excited about the holiday’s that we even “bake in” the annual weight gain of 5 to 10 pounds. 

According to study after study people who start at a higher BMI tend to gain roughly 5-10 pounds between Halloween and Christmas as opposed to the 1-2-pound weight gain from those that are not overweight. 

I started my journey to eat myself healthy a week before the first of five Labor Day cookout’s we were invited to in 2014.  That same year I was asked to be a judge for the cake walk contest, and host the office holiday party. I was tempted a lot, and soon realized that I wasn’t just mesmerized by the food as much as I was overwhelmed with the Season. 

Which leads me to:

The top 3 reasons for Holiday Weight Gain:

  • Social Pressure-Mindless eating at The Holiday Party
  • Stress-Everyday Life on top of Seasonal Commitments
  • Emotional Associates-Grandma’s Pound Cake

Now that you are armed with cues of over indulging you can deliberately respond in a different way, that is if you’re trying to stay healthy, like me.

  1. Plan Ahead-Eat Before the Party
  2. Prioritize-Don’t Skip That Workout
  3. Indulge-Only when it’s worth it…Pass when it’s not

Oh, and don’t forget that alcohol does have calories, best practice, keep the “liquid spirits” to a minimum!  Scientist have a lot more to say about holiday weight gain than “everything in moderation”! Now I know that “Holiday Weight” is really nothing to panic over. I’ll admit it’s nice to avoid, and after losing and keeping off over 90 pounds the best advice I can give you is to oversee your caloric intake throughout the entire season. Stick to the plan. As crazy as it sounds, we shouldn’t be stressed out. Holidays were designed for you to celebrate life with family and friends and you should enjoy yourself. 

If you stick to my advice, you will be “Hot for the Holiday’s”!

Coach Venus, MBA, MAFM

Body Transformation Coach,  Motivator, Speaker


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