Fall is here and soon will be Thanksgiving. It’s good to be prepared when you dog comes begging. While you or a guest might be tempted to throw him a bone or some scraps, it is best to get control of this bad habit quickly. Beware, there are many hidden dangers in the holiday turkey and all its feast.

It is always good to consult your vet before giving your dog any table food. In addition, we have a few tips.

Turkey is a good meat that provides a lean protein to share with your pet. Stick to the white meat when giving them some slices and make sure to choose pieces that have no bones. Remove any excess skin or fat, and rinse off any gravy or seasonings. Seasonings and gravy usually have salt and onion that can be dangerous for your pet.

Potatoes, especially sweet potatoes, provide health benefits for your pet. But they should be given to them before you mix anything in them. Cheese, sour cream, milk, onion, scallions, gravy, and butter are all ingredients that are bad for your dog. Consider setting aside some potatoes after you’ve boiled them to give your dog once they’re cooled.

Pumpkin is also a healthy food to share with your pet. However, if you use canned foods, choose unsalted and unsweetened. He’ll appreciate a teaspoon mixed in his food.

There are many fruits and vegetables that your dog will love and that are good for them. But don’t wait for the food to get to the table. The added ingredients like butter, salt and sugar are not good for him. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great addition to everyone’s diet, so instead, set aside some fresh slices of banana, apples (no seeds), carrots, and cooked green beans to give to him. That way he’ll have his own feast and you won’t have to feel like you’ve left him out. Happy Thanksgiving!