This summer, pack a lunch and bring your family and friends out for some quality time at a local park in Conyers. Nature has many positive health benefits for those who spend time basking in the sunlight and inhaling the clean oxygen from the trees. Conyers has several parks that would be perfect for a picnic with your family to enjoy the sunlight and breathe in the clean air.

Pine Log Park

Located off Highway 138, Pine Log Park is a 14-acre nature enclave where people can go to relax and enjoy the various amenities the park has to offer. There are two playgrounds for the kids, a basketball court, tennis courts, and a place for picnicking and grilling. There is also a one-mile nature trail that travels through the woods behind the park. The park’s peaceful nature can help anyone unwind and have fun outdoors.

Bonner Park

Found near Rockdale Magnet School, Bonner Park is a popular place to eat and enjoy the sun. There are picnic tables and grills at a pavilion and a playground and tennis courts. The tranquil park also has a nature trail that runs along a creek and is surrounded by trees. It’s an excellent place for family photos and relaxation. Bonner Park is a great place to leave the house and enjoy your lunch with family and friends.

East View Park

Not too far from Bonner Park, East View Park is another place to get away from the busy world of work and school to de-stress and appreciate nature. The park has swing sets and a playground with monkey bars as well as several tennis courts. There also is a spacious grassy area that is perfect for a fun game of frisbee or tag. There are tables and a grill under a pavilion for picnic lunches and pleasant conversation with friends and family.

These parks only touch the surface of the different ways to enjoy nature throughout Conyers. Being outside can reduce stress and encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, so soak in the sun’s vitamin D, relax among the trees, and bond with your loved ones in Conyers’ beautiful parks.